Moving to a New Web Host

Over the next month or two I will be moving all my web sites over to a new web host. While I’ve generally been very happy with my current web host, Inmotion Hosting, their lack of interest in supporting Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates has forced me to make a change. With web browsers evolving to make it very evident when a web site is “Not Secure” I feel it’s important to upgrade all my web sites to use SSL and be flagged as “Secure”.

I can’t justify spending the hundreds of dollars per year to secure my multiple web sites with SSL at Inmotion Hosting when so many other hosting companies allow you to use Let’s Encrypt and Certbot for free. My annual contract with Inmotion Hosting is up for renewal in a couple of months so it’s the right time to change. Today I created an account with DreamHost and have started the process of moving one of my web sites to it. Once I get that site up and running on DreamHost with SSL, I’ll move the others over. This blog will be the last one I move since it’s the largest and most active of my web sites. I have two months to get this done. I don’t anticipate any huge issues, but DreamHost has a generous 97-day money back guarantee in case I have to roll back and go with another company.

If you see the secure padlock in the address bar on this page, you’ll know I’ve completed the migration!

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