Why you should always carry a camera with you

I’ve been getting lazy and not always carrying my camera with me. Yes, I always have my phone, but it’s not the same. If I’m not “planning” to shoot I’ve been leaving the “real” camera at home.

Today I met a friend for lunch. It was cold outside and I expected to just drive to the restaurant for lunch, make a quick stop at the grocery store, then drive home. At the last minute I tossed my camera bag into the car, thinking I wouldn’t use it, but wanting to break the bad habit.

As I was on the way home I drove past a field with a dilapidated barn that I have been taking pictures of for years. I have photos of it in all seasons and pretty much all weather. I intend to publish a series of photos some day. One shot I’m missing is the barn with cows in the field around it. Last summer I drove by, saw cows and thought “crap, I don’t have my camera”. I returned the next day with my camera and the cows were nowhere to be seen.

Today there were cows and I had my camera.

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