Alpha Tranquility – Music for Meditation

After a two week break, here is my next composition for the Disquiet Junto. The Junto is a group of musicians who compose music in response to quick-turnaround assignments. The idea is to use constraints as a springboard for creativity.

The assignment this week:  Consider music appropriate for meditation. Think of the sounds, the tones, the forms that might suit such a thing. Record a short piece of music for meditation. Make your track a set number of minutes (that is, a length divisible by 60 seconds), preferably between 7 minutes and 20 minutes. Whatever length you choose, insert a bell/chime sound precisely one minute after the track begins and precisely one minute before the track comes to an end.

I created a 10 minute composition in Ableton Live consisting of several alternating drones, with phasing effects to encourage slow breathing. I added a few ornamental tones along the way as well. I kept the piece fairly minimal, but I used some complex instruments from the Z3TA+2 collection which provides rich synthesized sound textures with lots of movement.

Another part of the Junto assignment I take seriously is creating unique cover art for each of my songs. For this week’s cover art I used a digital art program called Amberlight 2 to create several fractal-like elements. I loaded them into Photoshop, manipulated them to taste, and composited them with a photo of a marble. A pass through the Nik Color Efex Pro filter provided the finishing touches.

I have to say I really enjoyed creating this music. I am very relaxed now.

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