Pentimento Journey

Today’s new vocabulary word is pentimento: a reappearance in a painting of an original drawn or painted element which was eventually painted over by the artist. This week’s Disquiet Junto music project is about applying pentimento to music.

While thinking about pentimento, my mind came up with the rhyming word sentimental, which led to the old classic song Sentimental Journey. So I decided to take musical cues from the classic song to come up with my rendition, called Pentimento Journey.

I started with the chord progression from the classic song. I added a seventh to all the chords and slowed it way down. The notes in the chords come and go, alternately revealing and hiding the components of the chords. The melody from the original song is scattered throughout the piece in two separate lines, one obscured by an arp, the other recognizable if you’re really listening for it.

The artwork for the track contains elements of two pieces of art I previously created for other projects, along with a recent photo of a tulip, blended together in a pentimento style.

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