A composition for Disquiet Junto 0326

The challenge: Compose a short piece of music using only sine waves and the surface sounds of vinyl played on a turntable.

For sound sources I used three sine wave instruments from Ableton and Z3TA, and three vinyl surface recordings from 99sounds, processed with a variety of audio effects. I liked the idea of using rising and falling pitches to emulate sine waves, so you’ll hear that in the melody and siren sounds. The music may be a little more active than requested by the assignment, but every time I tried to scale it back the energy level kept returning. I guess I was in the mood to make hyperactive music this weekend!

Tracks in this project will be played as part of a free event in San Francisco at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts ( on Saturday, April 7, 2018, for an exhibit by composer Danny Clay ( and artist Jon Fischer (

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